CatLAB Catastrophe Modelling

CatLAB – An innovative catastrophe loss modelling solution

What is CatLAB?

CatLAB is our cat risk modelling platform designed for the (re)insurance industry in partnership with Cestida Ltd and based on the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework.  It is installed quickly and easily as an Excel add-in and provides fast, intuitive access to running multi-vendor catastrophe models and unparalleled ability to query, interrogate and manage exposure and results data.

Designed for running in house

CatLAB has been specifically designed to fit a corporate IT environment and integrate with existing exposure data stores and BI reporting systems, resulting in the optimal user experience. It can run on a Windows laptop, or on a corporate server managed by DBAs in the same way that a SQL Server is managed, with little extra cost. It is also suitable for running in a private cloud.

Flexible exposure data import

CatLAB supports Open Exposure Data (OED) input format for exposures but is designed to handle multiple import formats. It can be customized to load your own in house exposure data format so no external conversion tools are needed.

User experience

CatLAB delivers a frustration-free user experience of loading data, running models and viewing results, using familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel and SQL, and requiring minimal technical skills to use it. You can manage how your exposure data is mapped to each model using our peril, coverage, construction and occupancy code mapping user interfaces. 

Next generation kernel

You have the option to run the free OasisLMF kernel (ktools) for model execution, or our interactive next generation calculation kernel, which tells you how far through an analysis you are and allows you to view results part way through a job.

Reducing the cost of loss modelling

We provide a full-stack platform built around open data and calculation standards, with user interfaces that will make it easier and cheaper to develop, integrate and run catastrophe models. Our Model Builder app simplifies the model integration process and reduces the cost of bringing models to market. Generating reports in our Loss Modeller app can be learned in 3 simple Steps.

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