CatLAB Catastrophe Modelling

CatLAB – A user-friendly catastrophe loss modelling solution

What is CatLAB?

CatLAB is our cat risk modelling application designed for the (re)insurance industry in partnership with Cestida Ltd and based on Oasis Loss Modelling Framework (OasisLMF). It is installed quickly and easily as an Excel add-in and provides fast, intuitive access to running multi-vendor catastrophe models and unparalleled ability to query, interrogate and manage exposure and results data.

Fully plug-and-play

It is the only multi-vendor solution in the industry that can also plug-and-play with multiple exposure data formats and has been designed to fit a corporate environment and integrate seamlessly with existing exposure data stores and BI reporting systems.

Run cat models your way

CatLAB delivers a frustration-free user experience of loading data, running models and viewing results, using familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel and SQL, and requiring no special technical skills or programming knowledge to use it. It is interactive to give you greater control over how your exposure data is  processed so that you can have confidence in the results.

A fresh approach

We have developed a technique of communicating with the Oasis model execution engine via a simple query language. This simplifies the architecture and enables power users to interrogate the data at any stage in the cat modelling process.  Our Excel-based front end is completely unique in the multi-vendor platform space and offers a very compelling alternative to browser-based systems.

Reduce costs

We know it is expensive to evaluate a new model or a new platform, or both.  Plugging in a model takes time and programming knowledge. These issues stifle adoption and restrict the variety of models available to the market.

As a member of the Oasis ecosystem,  we want to build on the success of OasisLMF by providing a full-stack platform that  will make it easier and cheaper to run catastrophe models. Generating reports in our Loss Modeller app can be learned in 3 simple steps. Our Model Builder app simplifies the model integration process and reduces the cost of bringing models to market. CatLAB can run on a Windows laptop, or within a corporate IT environment managed by DBAs in the same way that a SQL Server is managed, with little extra cost. 

Build resilience

We understand that having a choice of where to run your operations gives your business resilience the face of a challenge like Covid-19. Now more than ever, businesses need systems that can run in multiple locations and support remote working. CatLAB is designed for a typical corporate IT environment but is also suitable to run on a private cloud. 

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