Latest developments

Collection of Marketing Permissions

With the enactment of GDPR in May 2018, many of our customers wanted to make improvements to the way that frontline staff collect marketing permissions. The GoldSTAR system already included configurable marketing channels, each with their own permission settings. Working with our customers, we designed improvements to the ticket office experience of GoldSTAR, to prompt ticket office staff with background statements to be made regarding the use of personal data, and to collect marketing permission from passengers for up to 5 channels. Statement wording and channel prompts are fully configurable by our customers themselves, and this permission collection can be configured to repeat on a regular basis (typically annually) to ensure that passengers restate their permission as needed.

Mobile Apps for Smart Ticketing

We are working with one of our Train Operating Company customers to provide a simple to use mobile app for reading smart cards and loading or hotlisting products via the RDG Central Back Office. Checking passengers’ permission to travel is as simple as holding the card to the device, to be presented with the details from the card, the central back office and GoldSTAR. Any pending products can be downloaded at the click of a button, ensuring that the passenger is on their way without undue delay. 

In addition, working with a leading supplier of smart ticket printers, we are providing a system to allow quick and easy production of blank cards, or swapover of existing paper (CCST) tickets to smart tickets. Our mobile app facilitates the retrieval of customer and ticket data, and offers a ‘one click’ method of sending  a print request to a local smart card printer allowing the passenger to transition from paper to smart quickly and conveniently during their daily journey.

What our customers say about us...

Goldstar is a great product, it works and is very reliable which is a great sign. Team Technologies are attuned to my needs, and when faced with challenges, rise to the challenge and keep disruption to a minimum.
Ian Borthwick - Arriva Rail North
Extensive technological knowledge, great support and cost effectiveness are just a few reasons why we have chosen to work with Team Technologies for over 20 years now. Thanks to John and the team for all your hard work!
Malcolm Searle, Clear thinking