Peak renewal

Existing customers know that we carry out stress testing each year to pre-empt potential load issues on the GoldSTAR servers at peak Season Ticket renewal time. This year, all our chosen test sites passed with flying colours, being loaded with simulations from ticket offices and TVMs. 

We can now confirm that today's expected peak has passed smoothly once more, with our top TOC throughput of 92 ticket renewals per minute being recorded around 7:30 this morning.  The top TOC for overall renewals throughout the day totalled 7,895 renewals. That's a lot of travellers' details going through the system at the same time! This was still a little lower than we have seen in previous years, which is likely due to renewals being spread over more days than usual. Whatever your GoldSTAR database interfaces with - WebTIS, TVM, TOM or mobile, we're happy to be able to keep you delivering top customer service.

What our customers say about us...

Team Technologies provide a very good service and represent excellent value considering the amount of data facilitated by the GoldSTAR system.
Graham Rimmer - MerseyRail
Goldstar is a great product, it works and is very reliable which is a great sign. Team Technologies are attuned to my needs, and when faced with challenges, rise to the challenge and keep disruption to a minimum.
Ian Borthwick - Arriva Rail North