Corporate Social Responsibility

What Team Technologies do today

  • We recycle cardboard & non-confidential paper waste, plastic, and glass (e.g. drinks bottles)
  • We recycle coffee pods
  • Our operations are paper-free wherever possible
  • We use low-energy lighting throughout the office
  • The team always turns off unused equipment
  • All computers and screens are turned off overnight
  • We have replaced our gas-fired heating with air-source heat pumps in the office
  • All company vehicles are fully electric
  • When travelling, we prioritise walking/cycling over public transport over private/company vehicles
  • We have specifically chosen an electricity supplier to source 100% renewable electricity
  • We are committed to supporting local, national, and international charities - with an annual budget set by our Directors
  • We are a Living Wage employer
  • We have an exemplary package of employee benefits for a small company

Living Wage Employer