Electronic Ticket Validation

Bar code ticket management solution

Customers, passengers, members, supporters ... whoever uses your ticketing, chances are that they are now expecting to be able to receive tickets on their mobile device, or as 'print at home' tickets. 

GoldSTAR eTVD (Electronic Ticket Validation Database) provides a complete solution for the  scanning and validation of bar code tickets. With our Android app for ticket validation (GTV) you can scan using the device's inbuilt camera, or a separate bluetooth handheld scanner, and apply validation. As standard, we apply UK Rail validation, but the system is capable of accepting any validation rules that are required, depending on the payload of the bar code itself.  The app itself is intended to be as straightforward as possible to operate and easy to manage. The user interface follows a simple design, providing the minimum of clicks or taps needed to carry out the most common tasks.

Functions in the GTV app are protected by ‘user roles’ which allow complete control over which users have access to which part of the system. All system users have a ‘profile’ which includes the roles that the user is authorised for.    Templates can be used to add a generic set of responsibilities to similar job types, but if required, the user access can be tailored for each individual user.

The GTV app can either carry out ticket validations by utilising available WiFi or mobile data connection or, perhaps when no connection is available, work truly off-line using its own local compressed eTVD subset. This on-board data is automatically kept in sync with the TOCs main eTVD whenever a WiFi or mobile data connection becomes available.

Using the GoldSTAR Customer Management System administration portal, authorised users can set up and configure the GTV app, user profiles and other elements of the system.  Messages can be input in the back end, to be popped up for specific customers to help improve the customer's experience or alert the user to potential fraud issues, service issues and so on. Notifications to app users can also be configured to provide communications to your staff - globally, by group, or even to an individual staff member.  The back office also offers a dashboard for quick access to key GTV app statistics and real time information on the status of the GTV apps and devices.  A reporting module is also provided to allow ad hoc or regular reports to be configured and produced. 

App Functions & Features

  • Scan barcode ticket
  • Validate barcode ticket
  • Clear visual confirmation of scan result
  • ‘Drill down’ to reason for failure of validation
  • Display additional ticket details
  • UK rail e-Ticket, s-Ticket and m-Ticket validation
  • Notifications to staff including text, attachment, and / or web links.
  • Customer notepads
  • Individual user login
  • Password protected
  • Journey / duty registration
  • Full audit trail of activity
  • Compatible with Android 10+ devices
  • [Option] Link to external portable scanning device
  • [Option] Retrieval of GoldSTAR customer information where possible
  • [Option] ITSO standard smart card validation

GoldSTAR eTVD provides flexible implementation options to allow compliance with your IT and Information Security policies. The eTVD and supporting infrastructure can either be On Premise, Hosted or a mix of both, such as having the production eTVD on-premise while having Disaster Recovery instances of the eTVD Hosted off-site. 

Our support offering is underpinned by our highly experienced support team. We are regularly told by our customers that Team Technologies is excellent at providing software systems that work reliably, but when issues or requests do arise (it is software after all), we are seen as one of the best suppliers for high quality support provided by friendly and knowledgeable staff.