What is a notepad ?

The notepad functionality within GoldSTAR has long been seen as a powerful method of helping customer facing staff get the information they need at their fingertips.   Whether this is to inform the customer that… more
In recent months, many articles have been written about the increase of cyber attacks and the difficulties of maintaining network and data security during lockdown as many employees work from home. In a keynote speech, the CEO of the National Cyber… more
The GoldSTAR data export module is a powerful tool for sending data from your GoldSTAR system to another system on a regular basis. Able to provide data in a multitude of formats, the export module can be configured to send customer, ticket or any… more
Automated archiving is a module within the GoldSTAR system that, when enabled, runs frequently in the background. It removes customer records that have been inactive for a period of time, shifting them into an 'archive' schema so that they are… more
We are thrilled to confirm that in 2023, we have been awarded ISO27001 certification for a further 12 months. This year, our audit was carried out by an independent UKAS approved external organisation.  We continue to be committed to… more

Team Technologies announce the end of support for GoldSTAR mobile V2.x.x. 

Version 3.x of GoldSTAR Mobile app was released in April 2020, and represented an improvement in the handling of synchronisation of data between the… more

Team Technologies announce the end of support for the following GoldSTAR modules. 

Over recent years, our customers have progressively updated and replaced their ticket issuing systems (TIS), to the extent that the modules… more
Sometimes it's necessary to transfer data, including personal data, between systems by creating files in one system and importing the data into another.  Maybe you simply need to pass personal information from a system to a colleague or a… more
Team Technologies recently engaged a CREST-accredited penetration testing provider to undertake an 'ethical hack' of our GoldSTAR Mobile App. The organisation we chose are a security consultancy whose founders have over 30 years' experience in… more
Many of our customers ask us about data security. You already know that we take it very seriously - but what about data that moves between our systems and other systems that you specify ? We provide standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs… more