Enfold Sport

Enfold Sport is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ticketing management solution for the sports industry. Supporting sports clubs with visitor and membership management.

Enfold Sport has been designed and built from extensive research with professional sports clubs. Throughout this process, we explored ticketing, CRM, and access control needs.

As a result of this activity, Team Technologies truly understands what sports clubs demand from their data management solutions and how data acquisition and management impact commercial objectives and strategies.

Read below to find out more about:

  • Key functionality and features
  • Marketing Communications
  • Flexibility
  • Data security

Enfold Sport will be made available via monthly or annual subscriptions, based upon the number of user licences that each organisation needs.

As we move closer to launching Enfold Sport, Team Technologies is ready to offer a small number of organisations an opportunity to trial the system. This gives you a unique opportunity to feed into the refinement of the user interfaces, features, and training material as well as benefiting from a free trial of a product that is adapted to your needs

Key functionality and features

The solution functions as an all-in-one system that can address all of your customer data and needs, including;

  • Scanning QR and barcodes or ‘smart’ cards to give entry to ticketed areas.
  • Integrating data from ticketing, membership sales, access control, EPOS, mobiles and more
  • Easily analyse data from key touch points including third-party retail systems, car parking, payment/finance systems, and your club app
  • Becoming a central repository for ticket vendor platforms
  • Full audit trail on customer communications
  • The ability to find customers from recorded identities
  • Build a full, accurate history of transactions
  • Fulfilling GDPR responsibilities and requests
  • Complete member history including purchasing, communications, events attended, and notifications
Marketing Communications

Using Enfold Sport, you can;

  • Build supporter/ticket-holder profiles based on interactions with the club
  • Deliver tailored marketing messages to key stakeholders
  • Automate messages based on specific events
  • Promote your on-site services and retail offers to ticket holders
  • Send messages via multiple channels including email, SMS, and social media
  • Have ‘at a glance’ statistics on membership and attendance split by key segments

Enfold Sport is a fully modular system that enables you to select the functions that your organisation needs, for:

  • Ticketing
  • Access control
  • Membership and season ticket holder management
  • CRM
  • Donor management
  • Connecting to third-party systems

Once your system is in place, you can easily add or remove modules as your club’s needs change.

Data security

Enfold Sport is built on a secure platform and is designed to protect your data;

  • Data access is via individual user credentials which can involve usernames, passwords, 2-factor authentication, and client certificates
  • Permissions are tailored to the individual user level including what a person can see, do, edit, and delete within the system
  • Profiles can be ‘templated’ to specify permissions for groups of users by job role
  • Every action recorded in an audit trail
  • Minimised opportunities for fraud or misuse, by delivering accurate, up-to-the-minute data to any point of contact with your members/customers.