GoldSTAR Mobile

GoldSTAR MobileWhilst the original GoldSTAR system still remains a pivotal component of the day-to-day processing of Season Tickets for a Train Operating Company, it was crucial for Team Technologies to anticipate the rail sector's move to an increasingly mobile-oriented modern world. Thus, the GoldSTAR Mobile App was conceived to enable the industry to include Season Ticket transaction processing on the move (on a train, on platforms and concourse, etc.). GoldSTAR Mobile provides rail staff with a secure, portable, reliable, responsive and cost effective tool with which they can access the existing GoldSTAR data.

We are proud to say that GoldSTAR Mobile is a truly unique solution, as no-one else in the industry offers this level of season ticket functionality.


Features and benefits

Offers ultimate flexibility

Enables Mobile Ticketing staff, Revenue Protection staff and other mobile staff to look up a customer’s details, tickets, warnings, etc. for season ticket renewals, replacements, duplicates and other related post sale processes there and then! Staff are no longer tied to the Ticket Office.

Seamless link with ticket office version

Works seamlessly and in a similar way to the way the ticket office version does.

Offers interoperability with back-end systems

Works with data from ticket office,

Industry leading Mobile TIS integration

Integrates closely with the mobile ticket issuing systems from 3rd parties such as Fujitsu’s Mobile STAR and Worldline's MTS mobile (a.k.a. @Station / TOM TIS), which in-turn ensures that the back-end systems are kept up to date.

Speeds up transaction process

This optional integration provides the ability to quickly and accurately process Season Ticket related transactions, such as renewals and replacements accurately in the mobile environment.

Enhanced customer experience and customer service

Significantly improves the customer's experience by enabling rail users to purchase season tickets, confirm their identity or carry out post sale processes much more conveniently and easily than has been possible before.  Thus TOCs are now able to provide a better service to their highest paying customers, the season ticket holders who make up a significant proportion of their revenue.

Whilst most mobile systems need to connect back to the central server in real time, the GoldSTAR Mobile App enables the user to gain access to season ticket related data whilst being completely offline. This is a highly important feature, as mobile devices will often lose signal whilst travelling through tunnels or even just in poor WiFi locations at stations, for example.

Extra secure

Data is stored locally to the device meaning GoldSTAR Mobile requires a higher level of security than a normal mobile app. This has been achieved through the implementation of a custom built platform, using multiple levels of encryption, which keeps the data secure and synchronized with the central server when connectivity becomes available (either Wifi or 3G/4G).  We felt that the security of this application was so important that we employed an independent ethical hacking company to double check the security for us.

Best product on the market?

It is a secure and cost effective solution that can be either on premise or hosted by Team Technologies. The GoldSTAR Mobile App has successfully achieved the desired outcome to reduce the cost of ticket office infrastructure (due to the portable nature of the service).

This is why so many TOCs who currently use GoldSTAR have chosen to purchase GoldSTAR Mobile and others have expressed an interest in implementing it in the near future.

Ultimately the app offers enhanced flexibility and convenience for both the TOCs and their customers by allowing rail staff to deliver the same customer focused processes irrespective of whether they are working in a fixed ticket office, out on the station concourse "queue busting" or on a train.