Complete ticket management solution

Designed for any organisation needing to record ticketing information, and perform post-sales services such as processing refunds, GoldSTAR operates on whatever platform your customer-facing staff are using.

GoldSTAR was developed specifically for the rail industry, and in conjunction with Train Operating Companies across the UK, it is used by ticket office staff, customer contact centres, platform staff and on-train staff and integrates seamlessly with ticket vending machines, ticket office retail points and retail web sites to give a centralised record of customer purchases. This wide integration means it is particularly appropriate for use in public transport organisations.

GoldSTAR provides the users with the detail they need to provide ‘joined up’ customer service and an organisation-wide single customer experience. Whether you issue paper tickets, e-tickets or smart tickets, GoldSTAR can identify the passenger and provide up-to-the-minute data. You can even populate it with notes specific to the customer such as updates on lost property queries, putting the power of information in the hands of your front line employees.

We understand how important it is to keep data as clean and accurate as possible, so GoldSTAR incorporates a variety of methods to minimise incorrect data entry. These include using the Post Office Address Finder to verify address input, reading data directly from an ITSO smart card or bar codes from tickets and discount cards,  to avoid mis-keying, and providing the system administrator with easy views and tools to identify potential duplicate records.

Team Technologies are committed to continuous development and improvement of the GoldSTAR system, working constantly with our customers to meet the latest challenges. We’ve recently incorporated enforced marketing preference options on ticket office machines, to help with GDPR compliance, for example.

Wherever you need fast, accurate access to customer and ticket data, GoldSTAR is there. Ticket offices, contact centres, marketing departments, customer experience managers, and revenue protection officers all turn to GoldSTAR in their daily work. Operating on PC, mobile, and embedded seamlessly in the leading ticket office machines and mobile retailing devices, GoldSTAR is with you wherever you provide your customer service.

GoldSTAR can be installed within your own IT infrastructure, or provided as a service from our UK-based secure data centres, and scaled to meet demand.  We can import legacy data from whatever systems you are currently using so you can continue to benefit from previous investment.


"GoldSTAR has already proved itself operationally at stations across South West Trains, helping to achieve improvements to transaction speeds and standards of record keeping."

Retail Development Manager

South West Trains

What our customers say about us...

Goldstar is a great product, it works and is very reliable which is a great sign. Team Technologies are attuned to my needs, and when faced with challenges, rise to the challenge and keep disruption to a minimum.
Ian Borthwick - Arriva Rail North
Although we've had a few teething problems due to configuration errors, these weren't always attributable to Team Technologies but were always dealt with promptly. The Incident Report received after the issues we experienced at Go-Live was frank and detailed. A lot of suppliers would not have shared such a report (and perhaps would not even have bothered to produce it!), which is testament to the type of relationships that Team Technologies seem to build with clients. Their technical knowledge is second to none – they really know their products, and those of the third party suppliers that they integrate with, and they are also competitively priced, which is a great bonus.
Dan Schoenhofen - Abellio Scotrail