Record numbers for peak renewals

This year's peak renewal period, starting on 2nd January, saw GoldSTAR coping with the largest numbers of updates per minute ever. Many customers have transferred to using our integrated mobile app on tablets in ticket offices, and the start of 2020 was the first major peak renewal period for proving the synchronisation between the tablets and the database.  We were delighted to see that the system coped admirably with high levels of renewals being passed to the database - the top TOC recorded 668 tickets per minute flooding in from their devices.  As in previous years, the peak time was around 7:30am. The highest number of renewals for a TOC during the period 2nd to 7th was slightly higher than last year at 8,575 - not bad for the first 6 working days of the year.

Once again GoldSTAR has proved to be a reliable resource for anyone collecting ticket information from a wide variety of retail points, attended and unattended. We're proud to be part of your team. 

What our customers say about us...

I’ve always found everyone at Team Technologies very detail focussed and responsive to the needs of me as the customer. Detailed and honest expectations of what can be delivered and when are communicated very clearly which means I feel I can trust them to deliver to a high standard what has been asked for in the timescales expected. All Team Tech representatives I’ve worked with have been knowledgeable about their subject and extremely professional in their communication, planning and execution.
Chad Collins - Transport for Wales Rail Services
Although we've had a few teething problems due to configuration errors, these weren't always attributable to Team Technologies but were always dealt with promptly. The Incident Report received after the issues we experienced at Go-Live was frank and detailed. A lot of suppliers would not have shared such a report (and perhaps would not even have bothered to produce it!), which is testament to the type of relationships that Team Technologies seem to build with clients. Their technical knowledge is second to none – they really know their products, and those of the third party suppliers that they integrate with, and they are also competitively priced, which is a great bonus.
Dan Schoenhofen - Abellio Scotrail